For a lush lawn on your residential or commercial  property, you need a custom irrigation system designed, installed and maintained.  Using the latest water management technology, we offer a complete Water Management Solution to maximize your landscape irrigation system operation and reduce water use. Our approach incorporates the latest sustainable best practices because conventional landscape practices are often harmful in the short term and, in the long run, damage the healthy ecosystems that support all life.

Irrigation Service

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Management
  • Check system for coverage and operation of all systems
  • Detailed inspection of existing irrigation system
  • Seasonally adjusting irrigation controlling as demanded by changing environmental variables and climate
  • Clock programming, replacement, and repair
  • Installing and repairing automatic rain shut-offs
  • Repairing broken or leaking main pipes, lines, and sprinkler heads
  • Detecting and repairing cut wires and valves
  • Electrical troubleshooting or locations of breaks
  • Adding new sprinkler heads or groups of sprinkler heads
  • Lawn drainage

At Noble's Professional Grounds Management, we believe in the intelligent use of water. Our certified technicians will perform an irrigation system water audit based on established industry guidelines to identify problem areas and then recommend changes to improve system efficiency and reduce water use. Let our NC licensed irrigation contractor team design, build and maintain a system for you.

Some of the irrigation system features we offer that can help you conserve water include:

  • Automatic smart controllers
  • Efficient programming based on season water requirements
  • Rain sensors
  • Centralized irrigation control system
  • Evapotranspiration (ET) controllers
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Battery backups
  • Soil moisture sensors

 Programming and setting your irrigation system is a breeze with Hunter and Rainbird digital controllers that allow you to specify precisely when and how long your system will operate. In addition to irrigation system repair services, we offer complete water management services. For optimal watering efficiency, we conduct water audits based on established industry guidelines and zone mapping services.

Some of our service offerings include:

  • Spring irrigation system start up
  • Winterization of sprinklers
  • Irrigation system audits
  • Sprinkler head mapping

The bottom line? We make it easy to deliver the optimal amount of water to turf and plants for healthy, green growth — no over- or under-watering. 


We are committed to doing things the smart way — which is why all of our irrigation systems are designed with a focus on water conservation. We carefully lay out sprinkler zones, heads and drip irrigation systems in your commercial and residential  landscapes, delivering the correct precipitation rate of water for your type of turf without waste. Installing a “smart controller,” converting spray heads to drip, and changing out some sprinkler equipment can also save 30% of your average water use. NPGM works with factory engineers to test and evaluate the newest irrigation products. Let us introduce these cutting-edge ideas to improve and enhance your commercial lawn sprinkler system.